Relaxing to Mamma Mia~Julie-Julia~It’s Complicated

15 02 2010

WHAT A RELAXING Lunar New Year/V-Day it’s been for me. Sunday was spent watching three DVDs of my all-time favorite Hollywood actress, the one and only demure Meryl Streep.

This silver screen diva still has what it takes to win another Oscar… and I pray that she could win the Best Actress award for her fabulous starring role in the ‘sumptuous Frenchie-foodie’ movie, Julie-Julia, during the 82nd Academy Awards which will be staged in Los Angeles on March 7, 2010. I also love Sandra Bullock’s great touching role in the Blind Side movie but I believe Meryl Streep deserves to win this year’s Best Actress Academy Award, definitely.

Meryl Streep epitomises the all-round qualities of the modern woman of the new century and I personally feel that she should be a role-model for all professional career women out there. I don’t know about y’all girls, but to me, Meryl Streep, is one heck of a truly inspirational lady!

It’s funny how she reminds me of a great female acquaintance of mine who has carved a highly-successful niche in her own right for herself, both in her personal and professional life. I doubt if she has time to watch Meryl Streep’s great knacks for cooking in Julie-Julia and It’s Complicated respectively, though, since she’s got her own hands full profiting from her culinary skills herself. Kudos to my good friend (who in some ways somehow resembles Meryl, too)! I SEE YOU… 🙂

Sunday morning, I was somewhat movingly woken up by this beautiful track (entitled: “I See You”) from another award-winning, highest grossing and block-busting movie, Avatar.





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