A significant twist to N-Day & Prophet’s B’day

17 02 2010

THE 26TH NATIONAL Day Anniversary (February 23rd, 2010) celebrations falls only three days before the global Islamic celebration of the Birth Anniversary of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam (Peace be upon Him) or “Maulidur-Rasul“.

It could only mean a good omen for Brunei Darussalam of the good things to come in this Golden Tiger Year, hopefully. What’s more significant is the resurgence of Islamic conservative attitude amongst the younger population of school-going age, in particular. I was in a mosque earlier and I couldn’t help being ecstatic observing a group of young teenaged boys performed the Zuhur prayers (“berjemaah“) after school.

When I was their age, such piety was a rarity. In fact, I’m quite concerned with the liberal attitude of my own son their age who finds praying more of a chore rather than an obligatory duty. My boy is more into what Lady GaGa has to say than what I have to relate to him about all things Islamic… Ggrrr! I pray that unorthodox Lady Gaga converts to become a Muslimah! LOL 😛

My young daughter (whose trendy fashion — not my taste) is another big headache for me… I’m as much to blame for being liberal-minded about the whole spiritual issue myself. Well, the parental challenges of the 21st Century cease to amaze me… 😦





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