The world according to America

18 02 2010

OR MY HEADING should be America according to the world is [expletive past tense]-up or to put it mildly, knocked-up! China definitely agrees with me… LOL 😀

Gold medal with a couple of F's

Bud Keene, the American coach of the US 2010 Winter Olympics Gold medallist, Shaun White, stirred up a media hype in the Vancouver Games when his vulgar [expletives] went on Live NBC TV! But then again Hollywood movies are full of [expletives] and even much worse graphically violent and sexy vulgar images, anyways… 😦

And a 53-year-old suicide pilot, disgruntled American Joe Stack, has crashed his private plane into a Texan Internal Revenue Services (IRS) building ala 9-11… Talk about a home-grown terrorist! 😉

The worst from the United States is yet to come vis-a-vis its ‘obssession’ to vanish the ‘military dictatorship’ of Iran! You know what, I just don’t get it — America claims and the United Nations’ (UN) International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) concurs that Iranian President Ahmadinejad has many tricks up his sleeves to build nuclear bombs and not nuclear power for energy purpose and peaceful means as he has always reiterated.

So come on America… what’s wrong with Iran’s peaceful nuclear ambition? The US President Barack Obama is planning to do the same all along.

Is the United States so desperate to start a Third World War in this Year of the Tiger or what? Enough is enough America! it’s not yet ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq and US plus NATO troops are nowhere near in ending Taliban/Al-Qaeda ‘rule’ in Afghanistan… and now the US wanna terrorize Iran? Drop dead USA! 😛

P.S. Lady Gaga might as well lead America to replace President Obama! ROFL 😀





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