Tiger Woods vs Hypocrisy

20 02 2010

POOR TIGER WOODS (but still filthy rich by any standards) had to feebly stood up to the world of hypocrisy that we live in now. On Friday, the still indisputably champion golfer of the world, faced a select group of family members including his own Thai-American mother, Kuntilda, as well as some close friends, associates and a few journalists in a closed door hall but beamed live to the electronic world simply to say: “I am so sorry!” in a hyped up confession.

Tiger Woods certainly lives up to his ‘animal’ name by taking such a brave and bold decision to make his worldly apologies official… and in the first week of the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Tiger, at that! PERFECT TIMING is truly his trademark just as in his billion-dollars’ worth of golf swings. 😉

I still haven’t figured out totally why the brouhaha, though? The modern open-minded democratic society he grew up in has always liberated such sexual inclinations or ‘trangressions’ that he had messed himself up with, in the first place! From the United States Presidency to politicians to Hollywood/sports celebrities to teenaged students — they’ve all been there, done that! What the heck and why now? Where Tiger’s better half comes from it’s even much worse — it’s a FREE WORLD, baby! And where was she when he needed his wife the most?! Such hypocrisy of the highest order… 😛

Where I come from, confessing to such sinful acts and witnessed by at least four reliable and trustworthy men who saw with their very own eyes the actual sin being committed is tantamount to be punishable by jail sentencing on top of many lashes of the whip or cane (if found guilty beyond reasonable doubt in a Shariah Court). And it’s not only the male sinner alone, the female accomplice/s must face the music, too. But I’m no judge and jury or even a religious preacher for that matter to say all this. Suffice to say Tiger Woods is still a lucky son of a gun being a Buddhist living in a liberal hypocrisy.. oopsie-daisie, democracy, rather, like Good ‘Ol America… the Land of the Free! 🙂

If the American Society and U.S. Lawmakers per se want to prove their honest-to-goodness standards (not DOUBLE please!) of democracy of the highest world order, then I personally challenge them all, including President Barack Obama to once and for all declare NO MORE FREE SEX OR SCENES OF TRANGRESSIONS to be explicitly and implicitly depicted in Hollywood movies shown to the the whole world (whose audience includes pretty young moviegoers!). I know for sure they’ll ignore this personal plea or challenge of mine. BUT if stupid sex-crazy movies were to win the Oscars in the 82nd Academy Awards come March 7 next month, I dare say TO HELL WITH U.S. SOCIETY HYPOCRISY! Can’t they all see that basically and intrinsically, sex in movies are roots of Tiger’s and all the human race ‘trangressions’ globally, not to mention illicit pornography which has started since the bad old days of silent cinematography by Jewish-sponsored western film-making industry… 😀

You know what, I can only pray may Allah protect us from committing such ‘transgressions’ and shield us from His harshest of punishments – AMIN! 😦

P.S. At the end of the day, this Tiger Woods’ episode would eventually end up being ‘profitably exploited’ by Hollywood movie moguls… 😛





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