Patience, Perseverance and Determination

26 02 2010

WHAT DO I perceive to be the top three best traits in Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam (Peace be upon him) which I should really try to emulate personally? I’d say his true-grit patience; his unequalled perseverance and doggedly-firm determination respectively.

I can only summarise what I feel about those three tall orders in poetry:

Running thin, low and weak

Patience runs thin
Perseverance goes down low
Determination gets weaker by the hour

Then I remember
And I start to ponder
Whilst I gather all strengths

What a truly patient man, O’ Prophet!
In his perseverance amidst adversity
His pure determination of sheer tolerance

What I go through now in my own life
Is like a droplet of the early morn’ dew
Evaporating in the midday sun’s rays

The Messenger went through much worse
More challenging difficulties and obstacles
All our troubles are like peanuts in butter

Much more amazing is his perseverance
After 23 years of struggle in the true path
Peace be upon him, the Chosen One won!

His strong-willed determination to remain
As the most faithful and devoted to Allah
Is his single most important Quranic character.





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