A sobering poet wannabe

30 03 2010

I’m through with hatred
I’m done with love
I don’t wanna think too much
I don’t want war no more
I just want peace of mind
I don’t care for fate
I’m contented with destiny
I’m fated to be destined
I’m who I am so live with it
I’m what I wanna be — a poet?
I’m both a fighter and a lover
I’m fighting and loving spontaneity
I’m everything but nothing
I’m simply going bonkers
I’m typing without writing
I’m loving ev’ry minute of it
I’m going nowhere with it
I’m happy the way I am
I’m caring but selfish
I’m egoistic but sensitive
I’m having sobering thoughts
I’m in a world of my own
I’m not inviting others in
I’m closed in a closet
I’m living a nightmare
I’m human but nay a poet!



Puisi Hati

27 03 2010

Hati Remuk Kemelut Tanggungjawab

Hati selembut tanah liat
Liat demi cinta murni
Murni sesuci debu tayammum
Tayammum wudhu reda amarah
Amarah justru kecurangan isteri
Isteri abaikan ketaatan pada suami
Suami bisa sabar dalam teraniaya
Teraniaya menderita asbab luka
Luka hati ini hanya Yang Maha
Maha Mengetahui rintihan hati
Hati sang suami yang dikejami
Dikejami oleh ketidakadilan
Ketidakadilan adalah bala
Bala dari Ya Hakim Ya Rahim
Ya Rahim Maha Bijaksana
Bijaksana dalam urusan
Urusan duniawi niat baik
Baik perkara harus dicepatkan
Dicepatkan penyelesaian kes
Kes jangan diperlambatkan
Diperlambatkan maka dosa
Dosa Mahkamah Syariah
Syariah amanah agama
Agama Allah jangan sekali
Sekali diabaikan tanggungjawab
Tanggungjawab hakim besar
Besar tapi ada yang lebih
Lebih tinggi lagi kepala
Kepala agama adalah raja
Raja satunya tempat mengadu
Mengadu pada Ilahi lebih tinggi
Tinggi lagi Yang Maha Kuasa
Kuasa disalahgunakan jangan
Jangan kerana tali persaudaraan
Persaudaraan jadi ukuran hukum
Hukum Allah Maha dahsyat hebat
Hebat lagi makbul doa hamba Allah
Allah Azza Wajalla Maha Adil Sifat-Nya
Sifat-Nya Maha Pengasih hamba dianiaya!

Keris Warisan

Piety in difficulty

26 03 2010

Come what may!

I shall trudge on no end
To fight the good fight
To serve humanity
In full humility

I have nothing to lose
I can be another Osama
I can die for religion without
A guarantee for the Heavens

Come what may! Come hell or high water!
Come and get me Homeland Security or CIA!
Mossad! I fear not to be assassinated duhh!
For I live to die for God and I fear only Allah!

This is the call for Jihad Fi Sabillillah!
I am no martyr and martyrdom ain’t me
I am a simple fighter for justice in Islam
All oppressed Muslims are my main cause

At the end of my fight, I just hang
Between Hell below and Heaven above
But fight I will with no thought to die
To live is to die in vain without pain

This is my calling and I sure ain’t bluffing!
Jewish-ruled USA and Israeli-controlled West
Consider yourselves damn lucky today, man!
For I could only fight with my mind in Zikrullah!


Inevitable worsening world wars

25 03 2010

War looms since time stands still

Israel and America are blood brothers
Blood is to capitalist Jewish of the USA
What water is to the global human race
Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghan blood drops
Are what Israelis and Americans seek
To conquer the world disguised democracy
Of the trouble zones of the 21st century
Weapons of mass destruction in abundance
Stockpiles of nuclear warheads sit to dance
Iranian nuclear stance is stoic resistance
Unwarranted in the lofty ideals of Zionism
Only Israel and the United States stand
To gain from U.N. nuclear non-proliferation
But no other country is to have any notion
Of creating a nuke-powered peaceful nation
The President of Iran Americans dub dictator
Russia and China play along to U.S. orchestra
Kowtowing to arms race agenda of supremacy
Billions of dollars to be shared equally profitably
Amongst G8 community of elite powers-that-be
Innocent lives sacrificial like children and elderly
Are best left to die and rot from here to eternity?


2010 World Cup fever is in the air…

20 03 2010

COUNTDOWN TO SOUTH Africa 2010 World Cup is only a couple of months away but the soccer bug is biting football fans globally like wildfire already… Below are three of my favorite video promos:


Islamic Brotherhood United against Israel!

16 03 2010

HOW I WISH I could just walk all the way from this peaceful ‘comfort zone’ in Brunei Darussalam to the troubled Land of the Palestine in protest of Israeli cruelties and atrocities toward my poor and hopeless Muslim Palestinian brothers and sisters. 😦

Along the way, I shall call on all “Jihad” volunteers from every nooks, crannies and corners of the world to join in the mass and global ‘Walk For Peace’ non-violent movement of the Islamic Brotherhood United front that I have in mind. All volunteers, to be dressed in all-white “Ihram” or white robes, must be armed with nothing but only brave hearts and empty-handed! Not a single gun and weapons should be held by volunteers.

The ultimate goal and mission of this peaceful movement is to finally converge and congregate together with the oppressed Palestinian people in the Masjidil Aqsa (mosque) in Jerusalem to perform a mass “Sunat Hajat” prayers for an end to Israeli occupation and annexation of the Palestine… but too bad my Brunei passport can’t be issued with a visa to enter Israel! 😛


Lame question @ Dewan Majlis (LegCo)!

14 03 2010

ONE YANG BERHORMAT last Saturday questioned the Yang Berhormat Minister of Religious Affairs on such a petty issue of Haj Pilgrimage passage allowance for civil servants after 15 years of service i.e. seeking for an increase!

I believe such an issue could be discussed within the Public Service Commission/Public Service Department framework under the Prime Minister’s Office discretion – no big deal! 😉

Oh come on, YB.. There are about 300,000 Bruneians who are not entitled to such ‘privileged’ allocation, please! For crying out loud, some three hundred thousand Bruneians or “Rakyat Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam” who are not working in the Civil Service are being deprived of their rightful Social Security, Continuing Education, Unemployment rights, etc to be included in the Annual Budget BUT YET THE ‘APPOINTED PEOPLE’S REPRESENTATIVES’ (“YANG BERHORMAT WAKIL RAKYAT“) ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS IN THE STATE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL (“MAJLIS MESYUARAT NEGARA“) as they should! 😦

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam in his “Titah” marking the Opening of the 2010 LegCo Meeting has time and time again reiterated that menial issues should not be highlighted during the national LegCo sessions.

<blockquote>”In every issue discussed, you must really consider the benefit of the people and the country, (and) not issues that are not important. It must be taken seriously, not flippantly,” His Majesty said.

Some people just didn’t listen, did they?! Look, the 40,000-odd civil servants have been ‘spoon-fed and pampered’ with all kinds of fringe benefits already. They can surely try to set aside a few dollars per month to be deposited in their TAIB ‘Haj Savings Account’, can’t they?

But what about those small-paid private-sector employees (save for certain established companies’ staff) and self-employed or unemployed Bruneians who are living hand to mouth on a daily basis almost? Some of these unfortunate poverty-stricken Bruneians may not be able to perform the Haj (an Islamic obligation at least once in a lifetime) even… 😦

I personally had worked for eight years with the Civil Service before I joined the Private Sector for another nine years and didn’t benefit from the Free Haj Passage Scheme since I made the sacrifice to become ‘independent’ from being a salaried worker. Still I’m thankful that I’m being ‘tested and challenged’ by the Almighty to try to perform the Haj out of my own hard-earned money which I honestly pray and hope that I could save up in time, Insya Allah (God Willing). 🙂

Instead of asking the good old Yang Berhormat to raise the ‘Free Haj Fare’ issue in the Dewan Majlis, the civil servants should be thankful to Allah (“bersyukur kehadrat Ilahi”) that they’re entitled to free trips to the Holy City of Mekahtul Mukaramah in Saudi Arabia — courtesy of His Majesty’s Government (for both husband and wife). Period. 😛

I think the representation of the people in the State Legislative Council is not adequate enough to fully address the people’s needs for their welfare and JUSTICE! I rest my case… 😦