In sombre poetic mode

8 03 2010

The long walk alone

In God’s name, the Most Benevolent
He created these two feet coupled with handy arms
To stand and walk tall in the most vicious circumstances

God is the Most Pure in all His Perfections
He created this solemn and silent heart
To feel the emotions of hurtful pains
Deep inside the toughened heart, patience prevails

All praises and thanks only be to God the Almighty
He created these senses — smell, sight, taste, hearing, thoughts intuitive
With the nose, eyes, tongue, ears, brain to fulfil
One’s inner desires for justifiable satisfaction
For wants and needs of a lonely soul, walking

The Greatest indeed is the Oneness of God, the Lord of the Universe
To protect His helpless creature from harm’s way
Leading toward the long and difficult road ahead
Endless and dangerous in the darkest of nights
Torrential rains beat heavily against the face of a lost man
Shivering in agony but surviving in the coldness of early dawn.





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