Inevitable worsening world wars

25 03 2010

War looms since time stands still

Israel and America are blood brothers
Blood is to capitalist Jewish of the USA
What water is to the global human race
Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghan blood drops
Are what Israelis and Americans seek
To conquer the world disguised democracy
Of the trouble zones of the 21st century
Weapons of mass destruction in abundance
Stockpiles of nuclear warheads sit to dance
Iranian nuclear stance is stoic resistance
Unwarranted in the lofty ideals of Zionism
Only Israel and the United States stand
To gain from U.N. nuclear non-proliferation
But no other country is to have any notion
Of creating a nuke-powered peaceful nation
The President of Iran Americans dub dictator
Russia and China play along to U.S. orchestra
Kowtowing to arms race agenda of supremacy
Billions of dollars to be shared equally profitably
Amongst G8 community of elite powers-that-be
Innocent lives sacrificial like children and elderly
Are best left to die and rot from here to eternity?





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