Piety in difficulty

26 03 2010

Come what may!

I shall trudge on no end
To fight the good fight
To serve humanity
In full humility

I have nothing to lose
I can be another Osama
I can die for religion without
A guarantee for the Heavens

Come what may! Come hell or high water!
Come and get me Homeland Security or CIA!
Mossad! I fear not to be assassinated duhh!
For I live to die for God and I fear only Allah!

This is the call for Jihad Fi Sabillillah!
I am no martyr and martyrdom ain’t me
I am a simple fighter for justice in Islam
All oppressed Muslims are my main cause

At the end of my fight, I just hang
Between Hell below and Heaven above
But fight I will with no thought to die
To live is to die in vain without pain

This is my calling and I sure ain’t bluffing!
Jewish-ruled USA and Israeli-controlled West
Consider yourselves damn lucky today, man!
For I could only fight with my mind in Zikrullah!





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