A sobering poet wannabe

30 03 2010

I’m through with hatred
I’m done with love
I don’t wanna think too much
I don’t want war no more
I just want peace of mind
I don’t care for fate
I’m contented with destiny
I’m fated to be destined
I’m who I am so live with it
I’m what I wanna be — a poet?
I’m both a fighter and a lover
I’m fighting and loving spontaneity
I’m everything but nothing
I’m simply going bonkers
I’m typing without writing
I’m loving ev’ry minute of it
I’m going nowhere with it
I’m happy the way I am
I’m caring but selfish
I’m egoistic but sensitive
I’m having sobering thoughts
I’m in a world of my own
I’m not inviting others in
I’m closed in a closet
I’m living a nightmare
I’m human but nay a poet!





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