Puisi cinta tak kesampaian?

30 04 2010

Dendam kesumat

Siapalah aku yang kau benci?
Masih kasih sayang dalam hati
Cinta sentiasa dalam tersemat
Walau hebat dendam kesumat

Aku redha sahaja kau berdendam
Kemaafanku sering tak terpendam
Siapalah kita, hanya makhluk Allah
Yang Maha Pengampun, Ya Allah

Agama Islam mudah tak payah
Hidup seharusnya dipermudah
Tak susah kan, memohon maaf
Insaf taubat kepada Maha Pemaaf!

Keris Warisan



Aku hanya hamba-Mu/I am nothing but Your creature

14 04 2010

Devoutly Yours

Betapa ku dambakan-Mu Ya Rabb
How I miss You so My Lord
Baru sedetik ku hirup udara punya-Mu
Only a sniff of Your air that I breathe
Hatiku gedebuk dan seru
My heart pumps up and thrills
Sebak rasa dadaku di jiwa-Mu
Sorrow felt in my soul of Yours
Mukaku bibi nan sipi, kelopak mataku dilinangi
My face cowered in timidity, my eyes watery
Lillahi aku mau merunggau, merangkak
I swear I wanna crawl on bended knees
Demi menjalani kurnia Ilahi kakiku dari-Mu
Struggling to walk a pair of God-given legs
Aku berlari ingin sekali mendampingi-Mu
I run in desperation to come to You
Degupan jantungku semakin deras sesak
My heart beats faster in adrenaline rush
Namun ku jatuh tersungkur menangisi-Mu
But I fall and cry in tears for You my God
Aku telah menzalimi diriku, Ya Allah
I’ve failed You and humiliated myself
Tapi aku masih berpegang teguh akan janji-Mu
Still, I firmly hold on to Your Blessed Promise
Setiap makhluk-Mu yang bergelimang ‘ngan dosa
Every creature of Yours shrouded over with sins
Masih diberi peluang dan harapan nan kegelapan
There’s light at the end of the gloomy, dark tunnel
Aku hanya perlu sujud dan mengabdikan jiwa ragaku
All I have to do is bow and kneel to smell Your earth
Biar hama debu meresap menusuk ke lubang hidung
Let the dusty germs seep through my nostrils
Yang penting jeritan batinku dan kehibaan naluri
As long as my silent scream and damned senses
Akan bisa menembusi keheningan, kesepian dini
Penetrate the quiet dawn of peaceful tranquility
Aku mencintai sedalam-dalamnya KeEsaan-Mu
I purely and deeply love the Only One Almighty

Keris Warisan

The wonders of my flesh and blood…

10 04 2010

MY GROWING UP son and daughter have always been my pride and joy. They are both sitting for quite important exams this year:

My 15-year-old boy, B.A., is taking nine subjects for the Brunei Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Levels and his 11-year-old sister, T.A., is under pressure to equal her big brother’s achievement five years ago of five straight A’s in the Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (PSR) or Primary School Assessment examination.

Well, as a worried parent, I could only pray in silence for both of them to perform above expectations apart from giving them the moral support to motivate them to excel in their academic pursuits.

T.A., my long-haired princess, always surprises me with her cool, unassuming attitude and this morning she woke me up early to ask me to send her to school.

I almost forgot that she was one of two students from her school to join other top primary school students from throughout the country in this year’s Mathematics Olympiad. It is part of an annual educational event which is organized by the Science and Technology and Environment Project (STEP) of the Ministry of Education. Her elder brother, B.A., clinched the top 10 positions in the Science Olympiad in his category last year. He was supposed to have been shortlisted to represent Brunei Darussalam in an international Science Olympiad which was scheduled to have been held in Bahrain, UAE but due to AH1N1, the trip had to be canceled. Tough Luck, son! 😦

And as soon as I return from sending my daughter to school, I had to rush my son to his school Sports Day in a nearby sports complex this morning. B.A. also surprised me when I picked him up around midday that he got fifth placing in an 800 meters race without any practice. Apparently he was a last minute replacement for his Green House and he also joined his team-mates in the 100-meter sprint relay event (coming in 5th position, too). He told me that he was a leading flag bearer at the Sports Meet today. “Well,” I said, “By right you should since you’re the school’s Head Boy!”

Below is a photo of him (standing third from left) being installed as the Head Prefect of his school this year by his school Principal (far right):

Last month, he also led a group of his schoolmates to participate in the Borneo Global Issues Conference (BGIC) which is organized annually by the International School Brunei (ISB), Berakas. It was the first time that his school has joined the BGIC and my son role-played as the Bolivian President in presenting a nation’s policy resolution paper on the prevailing international issue of the Palestinian Plight. I was pretty impressed with his presentation which was beyond even my own understanding of the whole issue at hand and quite current, too! 🙂

Below is my ‘future diplomat’ son sitting in front row (far right) being pictured with other ‘United Nations delegates’ from other schools including a few participating schools from neighbouring countries and overseas in the function at the International Convention Centre (ICC), which was officially opened by HRH Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Sarah (the Crown Princess):

His younger sister seems to be following his footsteps in excelling in both the academic and co-curricular activities. Recently she and three of her classmates presented an English project on the “Importance of Good Manners” in front of her schoolmates and teachers. T.A. aspires to become a doctor but for now she’s so crazy about dancing and all things Korean — music, movies, etc. Hhmm…#*@

My innocent girl above minus her dancing gear and ballet leotard — B.A. & T.A. Love you both so very much, guys! 🙂


Poverty Zero? Zero Poverty?!

9 04 2010

A pauper’s tale

Poverty is still poverty

In the midst of prayers
In the chill of a mosque
A boy in Baju Melayu
Asks for a dollar from me
“I’m quite thirsty, uncle,
I need to buy a drink”
Lucky for him that day
I happen to have $2
Out of my pants pocket
I hand to him a dollar

Outside the Masjid
I shake a firm grip
Of a 50-something
He’s been jobless
For years on end
He wipes his dear
Old blue Nissan 120Y
From raindrops to dry
I wish I could give him
Ten dollars for his fuel
God willing, next time

I stop by in town next
Into an Indian eatery
Wanna sip cuppa tea
One able-bodied guy
Pitifully came up to me
“You got a dollar for me?”
I let him have only money
I wanna pay for tea-pully

I drive by my Kampung
Walking along the street
A stroke-victim villager
Passes by me limpingly
I search for loose coins
This young man’s lucky
God spares him cent-60

Poverty zero or zero poverty?


Poetry in melancholy

8 04 2010

Distant thoughts of a soulmate

You always love it when it rains, don’t you?
I’ve always loved to wish upon a rainbow
You got hitched on Christmas day long ago
I thought I saw your double in Singapore
In faraway Tokyo I glimpsed your shadow
I was aboard a bullet train years ago in Japan
I got jolted by heartburn thinking of you then
Years apart, your soul within me still remains
Your angelic face, almost always sweet smiles
On dark, black days and bleak, gloomy times
Somehow you’re always there to fill my soul
Emptiness simply fades so you appear, Angel
A deafening silence stops, my heartbeat starts
The adrenaline rush seems ever so endless
Everything else matters no more, no less
Fortunately for you but for me, unfortunately
Our separated souls shall never unify, divinely


Cliched poetry, anyone? Get a life!

8 04 2010

Life’s like that, take it or leave it…

Life’s been so wonderful with the highs and the lows, sweet bitter after tastes — its ups and downs. So who’s complaining?

Life’s been such an amazing fairy tale even when what it’s really all about is simply a nightmare — day in, day out.

Life’s been like one big drag, getting tougher each time you go out into the real world. And man! It’s survival of the best of life, every step of the way…

Life’s not been fair at times, so what gives? In life, nothing’s exactly equal, let alone precisely justified. Justice is only fair game to those who are willing to pay the price, people!

Life’s nothing to do about the people, for the people and by the people, for all I care — some people say…

Life is life and that’s all there is to it. To live and let life takes its own course is the best way to go about it.

Life’s full of thrills sometimes when there’s no frills. Whichever way you look at it, life’s always been out there for the taking. But life is not to be taken lightly for granted — definitely never ever!

Life finally sinks in to the greatest will of the Creator of lives… oh my God!


Puisi lantang

5 04 2010

Aku kerdil tapi…

Aku sekadar insan yang kerdil
Tapi luar biasa hebat tampil

Kerana aku hakmilik ciptaan
Keagungan Maha Kuasa Tuhan

Aku tak punya sebarang kuasa
Tapi semangatku perwira waja
Kekentalan mentalku saja selamba
Tapi sengatanku sungguh berbisa

Aku langsung tiada kemampuan
Tapi bisa aja aku maju ke depan

Tangkas siap ke medan segera
Pertahankan hak asasi manusia
Perjuangkan kesucian agama

Tapi keberanianku bertempat di hati
Berani kerana benar kutakuti Ilahi

Aku manusia biasa hamba Allah jua
Tapi pantangku mundur putih mata!

Keris Warisan