Not so Happy Father’s Day… :(

4 06 2010

Daddy’s dilemma

In the stillness
of a silent night,
a father takes
his ablution
one time,
too many
due to his
heart’s anxiety
to welcome
his princely baby
into this world,
cruel but kind,
by the “Azan” call
to prayer, right ear
whispering “Iqamat”
to his baby son’s
left ear to shoo
away evil whispers.
And four years on
poor old Daddy
performs same rites
on his lovely baby
princess day-born, sunny.
And both sweetest of
moments so touched
by the Most Gracious God!
But alas!
Now his kids’
teenage years are
filled with bittersweet
ups and downs in
their lives so far
so good through
all life’s tests and
worldly temptations
soothe ’em with
full gusto and dance
to the devilish rhythm
of West meets East
all hells break loose
whilst the father in
sorrow, regrets and
repents so deeply in
his praying heart, lonely
to God, the Almighty
the Most Forgiving… 😦




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