All the World Cup’s a stage…

8 06 2010

Much ado about a ball!

Once ev’ry four years
The whole world buzzes
The soccer ball is now in
South Africa’s court.
For World Cup 2010
is abuzz with news
of England’s newly
appointed skipper
Stevie G, midfielder.
The Ivory Coast Captain
Drogba is still uncertain.
Messi, the Argentinian
may strike at the heart
of the footballing action.
Torres, Viva Espana!
Englishman Rooney,
Portuguese Ronaldo
all vie for best striker.
Host team, South Africa
control Adidas Jabulani.
The round ball of footy
to be kicked off officially
June 11, all fans be wary
Bafana beat Mexico, maybe?
The defending champions, Italy
give Brazil a run for their money
England is my choice, personally.

Peace.Love.Kindness to FIFA World Cup!

June 5 at 1:56pm




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