Worldly life oh so temporary…:(

17 06 2010

Poetic chronicles of life

Sleep perturbs soul
Lately body and spirit
Timeless in space
Easy-going so steadily
Yet bounce up and down
Not sure like in a dream
My thoughts of life
Exactly temporary
Yet permanently disabled
Death so near but still far
Ready for the Hereafter?
Run away from the world
Destination is Paradise
Eastern values to seek
Keep off western ideals
So pray, do righteous deeds
Somewhere and somehow
When God wills me to be
Be pious, be fearful always
So Most Merciful Lord Almighty
You are my One and Only God
Don’t the human race know?
What is this life on earth?
Has no meaning without
The Supreme Power of
Forever the Most Forgiving
God the Universal Creator
Rendering men helpless
Struck by natural calamities
So severe, stern punishments
Start to make frail minds
Seek solace and menace
Eating out their hearts
So dark and devilish
Haven’t the creatures
Still not heed the signs?
Signalling that the end
Does seem to be near.

PEACE. Love. Kindness




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