Thou shall fear only Allah the Almighty Lord of the Universe!

13 07 2010

Total solar eclipse

If only we knew
What tragedy
Could befall us
Meek creations
Of The Almighty
By the signs
Of the total
Solar eclipse
Lunar eclipse
No one knows
Such that God
Hath forewarned
The human race
Of things unknown
To happen soon
So fear the Lord
Of the universe!

If only they knew
What to do once
They saw what
Rare phenomenon
Like solar eclipse
Could bring to us
Natural calamities
Or what have you?
Would you dance
Upon seeing it?
Shouldn’t you be
Praying to God
Instead? But no!
Alas! The ignorant
Shrug it off as a
Celebration of sort
When the Messenger
hath reminded us:
“O’ my Ummah! People
By God the Almighty!
If you only knew what
I know, most definitely
You will laugh a little
But cry much more!”

Peace. Love. Kindness




One response

13 07 2010

this is good. u wrote this yerself? nice.

I was blog hopping and I found yours after I searched for Isra’ Mikraj… I think Imma stay a lil longer reading these stuff. Awesome!

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