Godly Poetry: Heart to heart and its Malay equivalent — Puisi Ilahi: Hati ke hati… :(

15 09 2010

Heart to heart…

Your heart sees
My heart hugs
My soul touches
Your soul feels
The solar heat
The sun in the horizon
Dusk sets in
The peeking sun
The coolness of dawn
The stillness and serenity
Between life and death
(I seek forgiveness from You
And only You are the Most Forgiving)
Thoughts of You alone, my Lord
[Your sheer Purity; the Greatest only You!;
No God but You; praises only for You]
Your wrath destroys the ungrateful heart
I solemnly beg for Your protective shelter…


Hati ke hati…

Hati-Mu Maha Melihat
Hatiku mendakap
Jiwaku tersentuh
Jiwa-Mu Maha Merasa
Bahang sang Suria
Mentari di ufuk
Senja tenggelam
Fajar menyinsing
Subuh nan dingin
Tenang nan hening
Antara hidup dan mati
Zikrullah hidup hati
Laknatullah hati mati

Keris Warisan




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