Puisi hujan

30 10 2010


Temparik sabung-menyabung di kayangan
Guruh bersahut-sahutan, kilat bersilat-silatan
Hujan labat membasahi bumi, begurut-gurutan
Alum lagi ni, baru tanda damit kebesaran Tuhan
Atu pun udah ketungkalan bilang orang nah
Tambah lagi tekanang wayang 2012 fitnah
Baru tah bis si Awang si Dayang teranah
Adang tah luan bedaur, rileks di rumah
Beamal ibadat tah saja, ingati Allah
Mun namanya ajal, nada masalah
Malaikat Maut dan Izrail padah
Bila-bila masa kitani pajah…

Keris Warisan


Ode to Osama… ;)

27 10 2010

Groping in the Hereafter

This world is back
in the Dark Age.
The human race
is in a lost daze.
Injustices and inequality
prevail everywhere.
Here and there
people suffer indignantly.
World leaders simply stare
they turn their blind eyes
focusing on their filthy riches.
The wealthy suppress the have-nots
the poor just turn their backs
on worldly opportunity breaks.
They’d rather fight it out
their survival instincts sprout
like mushrooms which slowly
melt down to die wiltingly.
Six billion global population
but only a tenth of a billion
probably get to see the light
at the end of this dark tunnel.
Yet they purposely choose
to ignore the obvious ruse.
Religious Faith is of no consequence
Islam is a phobia taboo of congruence.
Talk to them about the Hereafter
but they jeer back at you in laughter.
They all grope in the evil dark
and they wake up with a spark.
Too often they stumble and fall
More often than not, they always stall.
They question every good intention
they’ve a really short span in attention.
The real raw deal is what they want
like they know what’s gonna happen?
The day this world stands still
is the day they freeze in chill.
By then a bit too late, ain’t it?
Better late than never? No, this is it!


A temporary world gone bonkers!

23 10 2010

Capitalists brand Muslims globally as uncivilized terrorists
Jewish lobbyists give kickbacks to political supremacists
Their major common fears — true Islamic spiritualists
Their worst nightmares — Osama bin Laden Al-Qaedaists
Their Public Enemy No. 1 — Fundamental Muslim minimalists
Their most glamorous promotions — F***-singin’ nudists
Their best global products — pornographic, violent movies
Hypocrite capitalists and their cronies are arms and drugs Mafia.

Islam as a way of life is not their cup of tea
Capitalistic drinks are hard liquor, beer, booze party
Financial market thrives on high interest derivatives
Usuries are their key money-making, profiteering yields
Ironically, worldly Muslims fall prey to their fallacies
When economic recession, depression, downturn happens
China-bashing, finger-pointing are West blames East games
Capitalistic gains, materialistic greed, extravagant luxuries,
affluent wastage and wildest of transgressions stay in-synch with the times.

Yesterday at 11:46am

Hope of hopes…

23 10 2010

A day, a stride, a glimmer of hope

Dearest Lord,
I speak with my heart
A broken heart, tattered
A tattered life, shattered.

Against the sound of music
Music to my ear, closed left
My right ear, opened wide
A young prodigy plays his piano.

Murmurs of prayer for You, uttered
Uttered words of faithful optimism
A stride a day and I’m full of hope,
God dearest.

PEACE. Love. Kindness
Friday at 2:54pm

Holy smoke! Is Mr Haze coming to town?

20 10 2010

HAZY CONDITION IS rearing its ugly head again! The Malaysian southern state of Johore and closest ASEAN neighbour, Singapore, are getting the brunt of it… 😦

Hotspots are thought to have been spotted by satellite shots in the
Indonesian Province of Riau on Sumatera island. So it could only mean
profit-driven palm oil conglomerates are burning more land for this
lucrative agricultural product. Malaysian oil palm plantation owners may
follow suit?

Looks like Brunei also seems to be slightly affected by the haze? So where does that leave Singapore and Brunei Darussalam folks?! HAZED! 😉 Surely there’s gotta be some kinda joint international law action to be sorted out by legal eagles from both ‘victimized’ ASEAN nations, no?! Put on your thinkin’ hats, guys! 😛

I remember way back in 1997 (when the worst haze occurred) while driving across Sarawak and Sabah borders, I personally saw large hectares of oil palm estates which were openly burnt to derive huge profit margins from palm oil products. But the blame was put on Indonesian fires… 😦 I wonder now if hotspots on Borneo island weren’t detected by satellite images since the Indonesian province of Kalimantan and both the Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah are quite significant palm oil producers, too. 😉

Still, Indonesia is the world’s richest and largest producer of palm oil priced @ USD962 per ton (today’s world crude palm oil market rate).


Disappointed over hotspots
Amresh Gunasingham Straits Times 21 Oct 10;

A SINGAPORE minister has expressed disappointment at the recent sharp increase in hotspots in the region of Sumatra which has brought haze back to Singapore in recent days.

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Yaacob Ibrahim on Wednesday said Singapore has asked the Indonesian authorities on several occasions to take extra measures to make sure the forest fires do not recur.

‘It is a matter that cannot be taken lightly,’ he told reporters on the sidelines of the opening of a new co-generation power plant by Powerseraya at Jurong Island on Wednesday, adding that Asean members had agreed to take steps at a recent meeting on the haze issue to emphasize the need for more vigilance against firestarters.

Dr Yaacob advised those more vulnerable to respiratory ailments to curb their outdoor activities following a worsening of the haze on Tuesday. If the situation gets worse, the authorities will consider issuing a health advisory, said Dr Yaacob. But for now, the Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) is in the moderate range, meaning no special precautions need to be taken. As at 3 pm on Wednesday, the PSI stood at 80.

Satellite pictures on Tuesday showed 202 ‘hot spots’ in Sumatra, indicating where Indonesian farmers and plantation companies had set fires to clear large swathes of forests to get the land ready for the crop-plating season. The prevailing winds from the south-west carried the smoke to Singapore, said the National Environment Ministry.

Many areas in Malaysia were also blanketed in thick haze on Wednesday, with the air quality in Muar reaching an unhealthy level based on the Air Pollutant Index (API) readings compared with 51 other areas nationwide. Malaysia’s Department of Environment said in a statement on Wednesday that the API readings at 11am showed 27 areas with moderate air quality and 23 areas with good-quality air.

Declining air quality have been reported over the last two days in several places such as in north Johor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor, due to the haze brought in from Sumatra.

No let-up in Riau forest fires despite crackdown promises
Wahyudi Soeriaatmadja, Straits Times 21 Oct 10;

JAKARTA: Forest fires in the Riau province on Sumatra island have continued unchecked, despite promises by the Indonesian government to crack down on land owners who set fire to their land, environmental activists said yesterday.

This is why thick smog has spread across the province in the past few weeks, they said, adding that land owners who wanted to clear forest land to plant oil palm trees were mostly responsible for the fires.

‘A lot of the hot spots were in the concession areas,’ said Ms Syamsidar, a World Wide Fund for Nature activist based in Riau province.

A hot spot is defined as a fire covering a hectare of land or larger, while concession areas are the land swathes that have been granted to a company for use for a period of time.

‘The government must act and hold the land concession owners accountable. They have been given the right to use the land, thus are required to protect it,’ Ms Syamsidar told The Straits Times.

Riau province and its surrounding areas have also been hit by the haze.

The coastal town of Dumai was blanketed in smog yesterday, forcing the Pinang Kampai Airport to halt operations for a few hours in the morning because of poor visibility.

But officials in the province said the situation had improved due to rainfall over the past two days.

In Pekanbaru, which is in central Riau, the visibility level at the international airport was 10km yesterday, compared with just 4km on Monday.

The local government on Tuesday asked Jakarta to carry out cloud seeding to increase rainfall over the area.

This would stop the forest fires from spreading, said Riau province deputy governor Mambang Mit, as quoted by online news website Detik.com.

Ms Syamsidar said that in the past two weeks, 1,302 hot spots had been detected throughout the province, with 445 in the concession areas. She linked this to the growth of the oil palm industry.

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil, which brings in huge revenue for the country. But large swathes of virgin forest have to be cleared for oil palm plantations.

Ms Syamsidar claimed some operators were illegal plantation owners who resorted to slash-and-burn techniques to clear the land, in order to cut costs.

But a senior Environment Ministry official told The Straits Times that most fires were the result of negligence on the part of people living in Riau, or occurred naturally due to dry weather and heat.

Mr Alfi Fahmi said there were many cases in which residents tossed cigarette butts on dry peatland, which catches fire easily.

But strict law enforcement has helped to lower the number of slash-and-burn cases, he added.

Passionate words… ;)

18 10 2010

Passion overdrive

Passion drives sensation
Passion is love in motion
Passion and love entwine
Driven passion thrusts.

Passion is emotional surges
Passion intimately seduces
Passion and seduction embrace
Driven passion throttles.

Passion motivates enthusiasm
Passion masks negative prism
Passion Master strikes sudden action
Driven passion acts on positive vibration.


Puisi Melayu dan lagu Inggeris Maher Zain… :)

16 10 2010

Lamunan Dosa

Gelimang dosa lamunanku
Ku zakiri nama-Mu
Ku tasdiqkan nazarku
Ku semati di hati niatku
Gundah gulana badanku
Panas membara tubuhku
Menggeletar jahat rasaku
Aku, daku, aku dan aku…
Mana kebesaran dan keagungan-Mu?

Istighfarku kumat kamit terpaku
Lidahku basahi, terpahat bibirku
Kalimah taubah dan keampunan nobatku
Mendesing bunyi bagai lebah hisap madu
Madu, susu dan habbatus sawda ubatku
Mujarab sembuh segala macam penyakitku
Tapi tidakku yakin hanya pada ubat itu
Keyakinanku serah semata-mata pada-Mu
Daku hanyalah hamba makhluk ciptaan-Mu
Kebesaran dan keagungan-Mu meresapi imanku
Ya Allah! Betapa ketakwaanku akan keEsaan-Mu.

Keris Warisan
Yesterday at 11:05am