A temporary world gone bonkers!

23 10 2010

Capitalists brand Muslims globally as uncivilized terrorists
Jewish lobbyists give kickbacks to political supremacists
Their major common fears — true Islamic spiritualists
Their worst nightmares — Osama bin Laden Al-Qaedaists
Their Public Enemy No. 1 — Fundamental Muslim minimalists
Their most glamorous promotions — F***-singin’ nudists
Their best global products — pornographic, violent movies
Hypocrite capitalists and their cronies are arms and drugs Mafia.

Islam as a way of life is not their cup of tea
Capitalistic drinks are hard liquor, beer, booze party
Financial market thrives on high interest derivatives
Usuries are their key money-making, profiteering yields
Ironically, worldly Muslims fall prey to their fallacies
When economic recession, depression, downturn happens
China-bashing, finger-pointing are West blames East games
Capitalistic gains, materialistic greed, extravagant luxuries,
affluent wastage and wildest of transgressions stay in-synch with the times.

Yesterday at 11:46am




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