Ode to Osama… ;)

27 10 2010

Groping in the Hereafter

This world is back
in the Dark Age.
The human race
is in a lost daze.
Injustices and inequality
prevail everywhere.
Here and there
people suffer indignantly.
World leaders simply stare
they turn their blind eyes
focusing on their filthy riches.
The wealthy suppress the have-nots
the poor just turn their backs
on worldly opportunity breaks.
They’d rather fight it out
their survival instincts sprout
like mushrooms which slowly
melt down to die wiltingly.
Six billion global population
but only a tenth of a billion
probably get to see the light
at the end of this dark tunnel.
Yet they purposely choose
to ignore the obvious ruse.
Religious Faith is of no consequence
Islam is a phobia taboo of congruence.
Talk to them about the Hereafter
but they jeer back at you in laughter.
They all grope in the evil dark
and they wake up with a spark.
Too often they stumble and fall
More often than not, they always stall.
They question every good intention
they’ve a really short span in attention.
The real raw deal is what they want
like they know what’s gonna happen?
The day this world stands still
is the day they freeze in chill.
By then a bit too late, ain’t it?
Better late than never? No, this is it!





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