2010: A year full of faith, love and hope…

26 11 2010

Faith. Love. Hope

Seeing sacrifices
Witnessing passion
Observing hard work
Recognizing real sincerity
Ending in success story
Relating to reality
Connecting with emotions
Of pity, empathy and sympathy
Everything makes one’s eyes teary
Being human, one’s heart turns jelly
Amazing Grace! Such wonderful feelings
Of sadness, sorrows, happiness and joys.
Looking forward to a much stronger faith,
Much more love and a much greater hope.

Peace. Love. Kindness




2 responses

13 12 2010

hear hear!Lovely poem,Hope you don’t mind me posting this in my blog =)

14 12 2010

I hear you, IAM… So sorry dear, I only read your post today. Yes, please, be my guest, IAM! 😉 And thanks for asking. 🙂 Since you like it so much, I specially dedicate it to you, then, IAM. 😀 By the way, a belated Salam Ma’al Hijrah 1432 and Happy New Year 2011 in advance! 😛

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