A Tribute to 9/11, 2001-born Child: 9-year-old American Hero, Christina Taylor-Green, fatally shot on January 8, 2011 (May her soul rest in peace)

13 01 2011


God the Almighty creates
Not to let the weakest
Human heart to succumb
To logic and reasons so dumb.

Dumbness is like numbness
Of the inner brain’s nonsense.

You see, God gives the mind
To each thick skull of man.

It’s God’s greatest gift to mankind
T’is amazing grey matter of mind…

So it’s up to frail human beings
To explore the depths of six senses
So common and infinitely exponential.

In God, we trust our true mind
In mind, we believe our sincere heart
In heart, we pray for our pure soul
In soul, we hope for our faithful spirit
In spirit, we all fight to survive!

Peace. Love. Kindness




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