Global concerns vs Personal issues

18 01 2011

YESTERDAY I RAMBLED on and on bla bla bla on my own personal issues. So today I need to rant a closure on global issues… yeah, baby, bring ’em on! (Who do I think I am? The United Nations’ Secretary-General or what?!) Hahahha ROFL πŸ˜€

I know what’s gone all wrong and nothing seems to be right no more in this temporary world we live in now is definitely no laughing matter. Seriously, the states of affairs or ‘status quo‘ of the community of nations are somewhat disenchanted or disoriented and disorder comes from all corners of the earth.

What made things all the much worst are constant barrages of mostly misfortunes, tragedies, disasters and calamities caused by Mother Nature since time immemorial. Lately, God’s wrath seems to have picked up steam much more rapidly and with massively huge effects, implications and consequences to the human race on a global scale! 😦

I need not mention any example of such devastation because it is written all over the digital media on the internet and broadcast 24/7 on the airwaves via satellite cable TV or Live Streaming or what have you. And it’s affecting everybody in all countries on Planet Earth! World awareness and concerns on daily issues and crises or catastrophes, nearly all bad news, affecting one and all earthly citizens are phenomenal, to say the least. πŸ˜›

Here’s the thing, though, in almost all situations, ordinary folks or so-called professional experts and global leaders seem to have pointed their fingers to causes and effects due to undemocratic leaderships, climate change, environmental reasons, poverty, unemployment, corruption, etc. In doing so, they have all forgotten somehow that everything happens by the will of God the Almighty. And ungrateful mankind… yes, you and I, are actually the real culprits to blame for all that has happened for reasons beyond our grasp. πŸ˜‰

The saddest irony is that almost all of us have failed to realize and understand that our human frailties and errors are really what led to our own self-destruction. Of course no one in his or her right frame of mind would ever want to admit this fact of life. Call it ego or whatever, we just do not want to be responsible for all our wrong-doings. PERIOD! 😦

So back to the drawing board, people! We need to get hold of ourselves and start to ponder, think deeply, reflect or flashback on where did we all go wrong? Common sense strategy: Go back to basics i.e. SPIRITUAL LOGIC OF DIVINE INTERVENTION! God Willing (“Insya Allah“) πŸ™‚





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