Ode to toppled leaders of Arabic countries… :(

23 02 2011

Glee of freedom or phobia of misery?

Bright afternoon, clear skies
Blue sea, strong sun’s rays
Monkeys roam free, a flock of birds
National pride — independent sovereignty.

People’s anger, a tyrant leader?
Decades of rule, subjects’ surrender
Harshest of sufferings, not to render
Chaos sets in, uprising greatly peaks.

Contrasting situations — between nations
Rich men, poor men — dangerous gaps
A ticking time-bomb, suddenly explodes
A country’s head, immediately rolls?

Peace. Love. Kindness

Merdeka ceria atau fobia derita?

Petang nan cerah, awan terang
Laut nan biru, mentari benderang
Ambuk bebas, burung terbang
Kebanggaan negara — daulat merdeka.

Manusia marah, pemimpin zalim?
Berdekad memerintah, rakyat takzim
Jerih susah payah, sepatut tak lazim
Puhar huru hara, bangkit membara.

Keadaan berbeda — antara negara
Miskin dan kaya — jurang merbahaya
Bom masa berdetik, meledak tiba-tiba
Apa bisa ketua negara, digulingkan segera?

Keris Warisan


Don’t cry for me Al-Kaheris… :(

13 02 2011

A pharaoh or a pariah?

Yet another revolutionary story
People Power in Egypt came to light
Through the one-eyed screen
Of the Internet 2.0 or Facebook
Heroes come and villains go
Same-O, same-O, same old story
Told in a rewritten and oft repeated
History of human conflict and misery
A president toppled in global disgrace
Decades of reign only to fall in days
The youth of his nation stood up
Against the dictator or real leader?
Time was not on his side, definitely
His time was up before dawn awoke
Democracy was the masses’ war-cry
For better or for worse, high and dry
A centuries old civilization has to die.

Peace. Love. Kindness