LET’S FACE IT… we live in a not so perfect world. Imperfection perfectly describes how we lead our lives. 😉

How to make the world a perfect place then? Within a span of the last month alone, so many devastations around the globe had occured, either caused by the forces of nature e.g. cyclones, typhoons, floodings, earthquakes, etc. or the recklessness of human greed e.g. the controversial financial bailouts of failed big international investment firms in the US recently.

Going back to basics, the most essential remedy for all life’s miseries and failures is nothing but the perfect bonding of people-to-people relationships (I prefer to abbreviate it as P2P as in G2G for Government-to-Government or B2B for Business-to-Business). Human relations are both complex and perplexing but nonetheless quite important in our daily lives. No man is an island is most definitely true!

In fostering, establishing or strengthening relationships, each person has to accept the other for whatever imperfection of each party. The key to successful and great relationships is simply to look solely at other people’s good qualities and to appreciate their goodness only without bothering too much about their shortcomings. Easier said than done, I know. How wonderful life can be if all the people in the world focus on the good sides of the other people in their daily relationships.

Probably, I myself am the most imperfect human being ever created by the Almighty. Can’t do nothing much about it, can I? I can only try to the best of my ability to strive to change for the better as the day goes by. At the end of the day, God decides on whether my own execution plans meet His exacting highest standards.

The way to do it is maybe to make it a habit to forgive people always, no matter how big, grievous and sinful their wrongdoings. This is indeed the most difficult thing to do in life i.e. to forgive and forget! You see, more often than not, most people only remember all the bad deeds of other people, even if it is so miniscule a thing. On the other hand, most great people who have ever lived tend to forget all the good things they’ve ever done in this world. However, people always remember the goodness in others. So the right balance is there, actually. Good and bad, better and worse, best and worst —  just look at it on the positive and bright side of things, I think. In Malay idiom: “Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih” or literally, ‘Throw away the muddy water, take only the clear water’.

It is precisely this spirit that is normally being practised during the Muslim festivity of Eid ‘ul Fitri. The Hari Raya celebration is all about seeking forgiveness from each other (“Bermaaf-maafan”) and solidifying the interpersonal relations (“Mengeratkan Silaturrahim”) amongst family members, friends and relatives.

Today (October 4th, 2008) is already the third day of Eid Mubarak in this Abode of Peace and I still have a lot of forgiveness to ask for from all my relatives and friends, near and far. I sincerely hope I could cover all grounds in the next couple of weeks or else I may have to wait for next year’s Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, if I still live to see the day… God Willing (“insya Allah”) 🙂

The most perfect balance to achieve in our temporary lives is of course, “Hablum minallah, hablum minannas” or in Malay “Hubungan dengan Allah, hubungan dengan manusia” (Relation with God, relation with Mankind). Human interaction is the most intriguing part in life and it should not be taken for granted! I am merely reminding myself so please do bear with me. 😉



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11 05 2009

Salam, its been awhile since I’ve read any blog or blogs for that matter. A friend of mine suggested that I read yours. I would have to say I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog as it gives a sense of peace. 🙂

12 05 2009

Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, mamalobengs! 🙂

I’m flattered, dear NM. I used to love your blog too (before you PRIVATised it, that is.. LOL :D) . Your writing is much more peaceful at heart. 😉

Sadly, this writer is not at peace with my own inner self. Seems to be always at odds (and @war!) with loved ones — except my two flesh and blood who could understand their pathetic daddy more than any human being on earth, save for my own mother who understands me much better. 🙂

May Allah bless us all with the best understanding about this temporary life and the much more everlasting Hereafter — Amin Ya Rabbal Alamien! 🙂

13 05 2009

Amin amin amin! Salam again dear bro. 🙂 I believe happiness is something that you have to own yourself for no one else can make you happy but merely contribute to your happiness. 🙂

As for my blog I’ve had this mind debate back and forth on whether to blog or not anymore but finally decided to hang the robes. It was a stress outlet to begin, hehe given there is no anger management class in Brunei whatsoever. But Alhamdulillah, after the birth of my second baby, my son, I am more at peace as the little boy somewhat brought me wisdom and patience. 🙂 We named him ‘Hanif’ which means ‘true believer’.

Anyway, do keep the posts coming 🙂 Allah’s blessings always dear bro 🙂 Amin!

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