Mr Olympian of the New Century: Swim Champ Phelps!

WOW! What a big splash of Gold medals for US swimmer, Michael Phelps… the Chinese obsession with number 8 is definitely a very lucky number for the Beijing Olympic Games in China and for the American champion swimmer. With the help of his Medley Relay US teammates, Michael clinched his eighth and final gold medal of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 on 17/08/’08 (Sunday) when the swimming sensation showed his butterfly stroke brilliance to outclass his Australian and Japanese challengers in the Water Cube pool.

The official opening ceremony started with a Big Bang inside Beijing’s Bird’s Nest stadium at exactly 8.08 pm on 08/08/’08. And the climax of this year’s Olympics was when 23-year old Phelps, made world record waves by winning the most medals in the glorious sporting history of the Olympics… an all-time greatest achievement! It’s not an easy feat, too, by any raw human energy power standard, I can tell you that. Michael, the “Bullet”, has to live with the strict regime and discipline needed to practice long hours daily. It has paid off handsomely for Michael Phelps – the new world sports iconic legend.

Believe me it takes really strong willpower to even complete the full lap, what more to swim from one end of the pool to the other in a matter of seconds — no matter what form — be it freestyle swimming, butterfly or breaststroke. No doubt a competitive swimmer is kinda like a spartan in the water and the multi-skills involved are above and beyond ordinary chores.

Swimming has been one of my most favorite hobbies since childhood although I’ve never been good at it, at all. What I had always been proud of about it is the fact that I won my first inter-school sports medal in junior high school through entering a swim event decades ago.

I am glad my two young kids love swimming too. They may never be able to become Olympics champs but at least they know how to stay afloat in the water which is considered to be one of the key survival skills in life. You would be surprised at how many people in this world are non-swimmers, particularly among the young these days. If I were to force my children to be any good at three sports events, they would have to be great in swimming, horse-riding and archery. For now they are both much happier playing tennis than any other sports…:)

It was a truly Peace Love Kindness Sunday for me watching a 41-year old mother-swimmer in Dara Torres who won two Silver Medals for the US Olympics team; the one and only Michael Phelps bagged his 14th medal in two consecutive Olympics swim meets (Beijing ’08 and Athens ’04) respectively; Spanish Tennis Champion Rafael Nadal triumphantly beat Fernando Gonzales of Chile in the Olympics Singles Final and an unsung Tunisian heroic swimmer, Oussama Mellouli, won the 1,500 metres freestyle in great style when he defeated double Olympics Gold medallist in the event, Grant Hackett of Australia. These olympics champs should be role models for all young kids of today. Their sheer tenacity, determination and powerful beliefs in the mental and physical strengths of human anatomy are proven testament that nothing is impossible! 

The other prime example of sporting intensity and aggresive goal-achiever attitude is the Chinese No. 1 Badminton Gold Medal winner of ’08 Beijing Olympic Games, Lin Dan. His skilful, strategic and masterly control of his opponent, Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia, is second to none in this year’s Games. It was a real Golden performance by Lin Dan in front of a jubilant home crowd in Red outfits inside the indoor stadium.

Last but not least, another great Olympian to have emerged from Beijing Olympics ’08 has gotta be the one and only fastest runner in the world today, 3-Gold medal winner Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt of Jamaica! Bolt has broken both the 100 metre and 200 metre-sprints and helped his 4 x 100 metre relay team-mates to break another Games record! The Beijing Olympics ’08 champion sprinter, Bolt (at 22 years of age), is most certainly the athlete to watch in the London Olympic Games 2012, and Michael Phelps, of course. 

The beautiful outcome of the drama, trials and tribulations of any Olympic Games is the true-grit spirit of Peace, Love and Kindness shown by all athletes from all over the world… win or lose! 🙂     



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