Meet Dave Rave Eddie Murphy ’08

13 08 2008

When you’re down and out, tired, dying for laughter as the best medicine, enjoy down-to-earth movies… then I dare you to watch Eddie Murphy in his simply the best comedy in a long while, “Meet Dave”. I’m not gonna bore you to death with any kissy-butt tale about this brilliant movie-goer friendly movie, save to say: “It’s hilariously funny with a combo of Charlie Chaplin and Three Stooges slapstick kinda comical film!” Much more than that is the ‘keep it sweet, stupid!’ (KISS) story about the real lessons of love, friendship and understanding which all earthlings should appreciate as much as admired by teeny-weeny midgets from Planet Nil somewhere out there in the Galaxy fantasy of the “Meet Dave” movie director, Brian Robbins (he directed “Norbit” as well, starring Eddie Murphy).

By sheer chance, I spontaneously texted my spouse last night (who SMSed me to pick her up from the Mall) that we could go to see any movie playing around that time i.e. 8’ish. Upon checkin’ out the Mall Cineplex shows, we’d have to wait another hour or so before the next movie-time. So we decided to give Seri Q-Lap cineplex a try.

Voila! 8.40pm was Meet Dave time! The Missus got us 2 discounted tickets since she’s a ‘Member’ while the romantic hubby (?) bought a combo2 popcorn order with extra Sprite regular plus an M&M packet and a KitKat choco-bar to go. And JIT we made it to our comfy-reclining front seat eye-level with the silver screen (Just In Time!). While munching our shared popcorn and downing my thirst-quenching gassy drinks, we were all the way giggling in fits of laughter to Eddie Murphy’s brand of bubbly humor!:) The ex-Beverly Hills Cop and the Voice of Shrek3 truly made my day! So if you think your day was like the worst nightmare, why don’t you just “Meet Dave”?;)